Essential Energy Balancing™ Clearing Your Karma

Essential Energy Balancing is an Ascension Process that clears Karma.

Clear past, present, and future Karma with the Lords of Karma and Diane Stein's Essential Energy Balancing. 

Each lifetime we set up lessons for the purpose of soul development, evolution and growth. Through processes the Lords of Karma may be directly accessed and requested to complete these lessons immediately. We have worked the same lessons lifetime after lifetime and at this time further repetition is not necessary. Work with the Lords of Karma allows for a shortcut of these lessons and allows for a vibrational increase of the individual and the planet. Karma does not exist on most other inhabited planets, it only exists through the fifth dimension. Earth has been a third-dimensional planet and has very recently been raised to the fourth dimension overall and karma is on the way out.

By giving us conscious access to the Lords of Karma and to a simple method of karmic release, we are being propelled toward that fifth-dimensional reality where karma no longer exists as the primary means of soul growth and human evolutionary learning. Achieving a critical mass of people who are consciously healing their karma is the key to ending karma on earth. As we raise our vibrational status and ascent to the fifth dimension, the planet herself is also raised.

This process can be done in a workshop with Candess or remotely. When she is facilitating a 2 day workshop, you can have this process done at the same time remotely. You will be guided to meet with the Lords of Karma and given the opportunity for universal clearings such as release from negative interference on all levels, blocks to positive self-image, a release of all heart scars, release of emotional starvation and a return of soul fragments.


Essential Energy Balancing™ Workshops

Essential Energy Balancing™ I - Clearing Earth Karma


10 Meditations to Bring More Light Into Your System

Connect with Your Higher Self

Clear Pre-Life Karmic Contracts

Heal Emotional & Physical Pain

And Much More!

Clear Earth Karma

Essential Energy Balancing™ II - Clearing Galactic Karma


Clear Negative Collective Karma on Earth

Repair Soul Damage

Heal on Multi Dimensional Levels

Receive Vibrational Sealing

And Much More!

*Must take EEB I in order to join this workshop.

Clear Galactic Karma

Essential Energy Balancing™ III - Clearing Cosmic Karma


Connect Fully to Your God or Goddess Self

Second Recreation & Reprogramming

Creational Energy Balancing

DNA Re-Patterning and Transfiguration

Absolute Karmic Dissolution

And Much More!

*Must take EEB I and EEB 2 to join this workshop.

Clear Cosmic Karma

Essential Energy Balancing™


Gain Access to All 3 Essential Energy Balancing Workshops!

Earth Karma Clearing

Galactic Karma Clearing

Cosmic Karma Clearing

Clear My Karma

About Candess and Essential Energy Balancing

Candess originally met Diane Stein in 1991 when she became an Essential Reiki Master under Diane. She reconnected with her again when she was directed by Spirit to go to Florida to activate DNA in January 2002. Through Divinely ordained happenings, she was taken through the Ascension process by Diane Stein and instructed by The Lords of Karma to assist others in the Ascension process.

The Lords of Karma are multiple groups of enlightened dis-incarnate beings. A karmic group of nine to eleven Ascended Masters work with each soul group of embodied beings on earth. They include: El Morya, St. Germaine, Athena, Kawn Yin, Ashtar, Isis, Mary, Cyclopea, Balthor, Kuthumi, and Sananda.


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