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Essential Energy Balancing™ III - Clearing Cosmic Karma

EEB III clears the Cosmic Karma

This is the third process of Karma Clearing and they must be done in order, so if you are interested you must do EEB I and then EEB II before EEB III.

These 24 processes clear and heal individual and collective karma at the Cosmic and Multi-cosmic levels, and possibly beyond. You are bringing in the Light which is you. These processes are Ascension processes, but you will bring the Light into your body here on Earth and will not leave your body. You reincarnate in order to work through your karma and once you have completed these processes and cleared your karma, you will no longer be required to do this, although you may choose to in order to be of service.

In this process you may connect more fully with your Goddess or God Self. For more information about this, I recommend you buy Diane Stein’s book Essential Energy Balancing III: Living with the Goddess. The processes and information is too complex to describe in this venue. In her book you will get a greater understanding of The Light, The Family of Light, The Chain of Creation of the Light, the Angelic Realm and more.

Essential Energy Balancing™ III Workshop $ 97.00*

*You must take Essential Energy Balancing I and II prior to taking this workshop.

EEB III Remote Workshop Dates  2022

Find the corresponding time in your city.


March 19

June 18

September 17

December 17

The 24 processes are listed below:

  1. Second Re-Creation and Reprogramming
  2. Sword, Chalice, Shield Fusion
  3. Interdimensional Sword, Chalice and Shield
  4. Creational Energy Balancing
  5. Cancellation of Karmic Contracts
  6. DNA Repatterning
  7. Planetary Healing
  8. DNA Transfiguration
  9. To Bring in a Goddess or a God
  10. The Violet Flame
  11. Healing Others
  12. Karmic Dissolution
  13. Cosmic Sword, Shield, Chalice Fusion
  14. Canceling outdated Vows
  15. Cancelling Curses
  16. Final Clearing
  17. Planetary Re-Creation and Activation
  18. Resurrection
  19. Soul Healing
  20. Multi-Cosmic Expansion
  21. Multi-Cosmic Activation
  22. Absolute Divinity
  23. Transfiguring the Webs
  24. Absolute Karmic Dissolution

Do you have a question? Visit my EEB Frequently Asked Questions page.