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Essential Energy Balancing™ I - Clearing Earth Karma

 Enjoy 10 Meditations to Bring more Light into your System and Connect with your Higher Self, Essence Self, Goddess/God Self and Goddess/God

  •   Let go of Negative Patterns

  •   Clear pre-life Karmic Contracts

  •   Fully integrate Soul Fragments

  •   Heal emotional and physical pain

  •   Light up with your Energy Selves

  •   Connect with your Goddess/God Self and Goddess/God


EEB I Remote Workshop Dates  2022

Saturdays 10:00 am – 2:00 pm Seattle, WA US time 

January 15

August 16

July 16

October 15

Remote Workshop 

Join with others internationally

from the comfort of your home remotely!

When you sign up for the Remote workshop I will send you a preparation email a couple days ahead of the workshop, a morning message from the Lords of Karma the day of the workshop and a completion email afterward. The completion email will give you some processes to continue your clearing and some tools to enhance your experience.

*Candess has reduced this workshop from $300 to make it affordable to more people and also during this difficult pandemic.

Many have asked and YES, you can stay in the comfort of your home! With the Remote Process, I will connect with the Lords of Karma and the Divine Director and go through the processes (the ten meditations) and I will connect with you and watch to make sure that they happen for you. I will see that the energy goes from the top of your head down through the bottom of your feet on each of these processes. I use my clairvoyance and also muscle testing to make sure the processes complete for you. If there is energy stuck or something needs to happen differently I see this and correct it with the Divine Director.  In this process you will connect with your Goddess/God Self and your Goddess/God. This is a powerful process and since my connection, they have guided my life in incredible ways!

I ask that you not be too busy during the time this is happening and if you are sleeping that is fine. If you are awake I encourage people to be relaxed and move through their home gently, maybe reading, cooking, or gardening. You can do work on the computer, or watch television, but I encourage people not to be working in a busy, noisy environment. Of course, you have free will and can do it however you want, but my hope is the experience would be felt more if you are quiet and relaxed.

Essential Energy Balancing I Processes

Process I – The Opening Process

Process II – The Daily Process

Process III – Core Soul Healing

Process IV – The First Ascension Process

Process V – Emergency Clearing and Essential Energy Circle

Process VI – The Second Ascension Process

Process VII – Opening the Chakra Complexes

Process VIII – The Third Ascension Process

Process IX – Core Soul Protection

Process X – Light Body Activation


Do you have a question? Visit my EEB Frequently Asked Questions page.